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Manufacturer of solid oak flooring
and solid Chestnut flooring

A 5 members team dedicated to solid flooring
14mm to be glued or 23mm to be nailed/screwed

chevron, double sided, herringbones
possibly brushed or/and to be finish on site

Accurate manufacturing that means no need to sand it

Solid oak flooring - This one dobble sided
Solid oak flooring, first quality PR
Our wood are all PEFC certified from France forests. We work with sawmills from Normandy, Center, Burgundy and Aquitaine (SW)
We manufacture oak planks up to 20cm width, the thickness vary from 14 or 23 mm mainly. We sharpen our cutting tools every monday so that you will not experience surface burnt wood (because dull tools and blades heat the wood and make it look black) We work with high precision 1/10mm : You will not need to sand the flooring and spoil 2mm from the begining (that's also a saving for your contractor). The only process you will have to do before finishing with oil or varnish is softly moisten the surface so that the wood fibers go high (a little) to help the penetration of the product. The very fast rotation of the tools and blade create a thin glazed surface.

Parquet double face
We don't hold stock (too much diversity and lowering quality in our opinion) and only produce to order. Some 1500-2000 sqm / month

You will have to wait a few weeks for our floorings It will stay for at least one centurie, probably more. As long as we live in peace.
As many french, we close the factory 3 weeks in August and 2 weeks by Christmas. Salesman answer during the closed weeks.^$

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Bureau : 19 rue R Descartes - F 61270 Rai - Normandy

Oak chevron solid oak flooring - bespoke made
Solid oak flooring first grade before applying varnish - Bespoke production for each room possible Follow this LINK to get more info about solid chevron flooring
Chestnut solid flooring
Solid chestnut flooring is cheaper than oak, not as wide (Max 14cm) , still very lasting wood with a lot of tannin. The surface will be softer than oak, with the same patterns. We advise it for upstairs bedrooms Follow this LINK to get more info about chestnut flooring
Walnut solid flooring (same as in CDG airport)
For us, Walnut flooring is the most luxury (and expensive) solid flooring you can get in Europe. You can see it in Roissy Charles de Gaule Airport (1200 sm wall). Follow this LINK to get more info about the most luxury solid flooring : Walnut flooring (In French at the moment)

Solid oak flooring wide oak flooring
20cm Wide flooring oak boards, with our without bevels.

Solid oak flooring wide oak flooring
20cm Wide flooring oak boards

Solid herringbone oak flooring first grade
Herringbone solid oak flooring first grade / also possible in Chestnut /

Solid herringbone oak flooring first grade

Solid robinia flooring - Design made by the client
Solid robinia flooring - Design made by the client Follow this LINK to get more info about robinia solid flooring In French at the moment

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